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5 Birthday Presents Ideas for Him

Finding out the right birthday present can be a real difficult job at times and often it is best to keep things simple and uncomplicated. If you know the guy and now what he loves, then finding the right gift on his birthday can be not too hard indeed. Watches & wallets Most guys love […]

The World’s Most Expensive Dog

Hello dog lovers! Do you know that the world’s most expensive dog has a price tag of $1,500,000? Yes. The world’s most expensive dog’s name is Big Splash, a Red Tibetan Mastiff. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is thought to be one of the world’s most venerable and oldest breeds. Genghis Khan and the Buddha were rumored to have […]

The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

It seems that the list of the most expensive footwear in the globe has been expanding. These shoes by Harry Winston, called the Harry Winston Ruby Slippers is priced at $3,000,000! The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers was created for the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”. This was created by Harry Winston’s son, Ronald Winston. These […]

The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd.

For car-crazy people, owning this luxury car model would mean all the world to them. The world’s most expensive model car—the Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd. The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd is for sale at a price of $2 million pounds! This ultra expensive “toy” was created by Liverpool-based designer, Stuart Hughes, who took two months to […]

Hennessy’s $200,000 Cognac Treasure Chest

This Beauté du Siècle treasure chest contains a 100-year-old cognac that is available for sale in Russia for $200,000. Although known as the vodka capital of the world, Russia holds the seventh place as the biggest consumer of cognac. Russia was able to sell 5.3 million bottles in the year 2006. Hennessy has the largest market […]

Asanti’s Luxury Wheels

Anything can definitely be priceless for the super rich. Therefore, the Asanti company came up with their luxurious wheel line that is studded with diamonds and rubies. Asanti released new wheel rims that is priced at a whooping $2 million. This was announced by the company’s spokesperson. It was also announced that these wheels will […]

The Luwak Coffe

In the digestive system of the animal, Luwak, coffee is processed. The Luwak lives deep in the jungles of Sumatra. Once the Luwak poo out the coffee, it is hand processed to its final state. The processed coffee is priced at $1,000 per kilogram. Surprisingly, many people have found this coffee very good, thus, drinking it […]

The Henri IV Dudognon Heritage

The world’s most expensive cognac is packaged by jeweler, Jose Davalos. Dubbed as the DNA of cognacs, the Henri IV Dudognon Heritage is priced at almost $2 million. This ultra expensive cognac has been produced since 1776. It is aged in barrels for more than 100 years. The cognac is then bottled in a bottle […]

The FleurBurger 5000

With all the fun and expensive things you can see in Vegas, this is where you can find the FleurBurger 5000. The FleurBurger 5000 costs a large price of $5,000.00. The FleurBurger 5000 is created by Chef Hubert Keller. This pricey burger is served at Fleur de Lys in Mandalay Bay.  This burger contains foie gras, as […]

The $589 Mascara from the Socialite Collection

Are you willing to spend a lot on makeup? What about spending $589 for a mascara alone? Well, there are women who would be more than willing to pay big bucks for a Swarovski-coated tube of mascara. Within the first week of its launch, The Socialite Collection had already sold 1,700 tubes of the ultra […]