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Advancement in Laser Eye Surgery opens up avenues for a broader base of patients

Gone are the days when you have to live with prescription glasses and contact lenses even if you are uncomfortable with them or if your job demands require perfect natural vision for ease and comfort.

From young sportsmen who try and give their all on the field to professionals behind the desk spending countless hours in front of their laptops, surgical procedures like the LASIK have opened up the world of perfect vision to larger audience in the past few years. But it is not just the availability of the procedure in various cities across the globe, but also the number of eye defects that they are now able to correct, which is garnering laser eye surgery new found popularity.

laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery has reached a point today where patients that were once told that they were not fit for the procedure can now gladly be treated using the latest that technology has to offer. From LASIK and LASEK to other corrective Laser surgeries, there is now a chance to treat and correct vision problems of a broader base than ever before. Apart from the surgery becoming a far more viable option for greater number of patients, technological advancements have also ensured that it is far more affordable now than at any time in the past.

This combination of economic accessibility along with the success rate has made it hugely popular to a point where in 2008 and 2009 the likes of New York Times effectively measured the extent of recession by taking into count the number of Laser Eye Surgeries performed in the period and concluded that they were indeed a good indicator to measure economic health!

While bringing LASIK to smaller cities and towns was previously considered simply unviable due to the costs involved, an evolution in technology has ensured that today it is possible to bring its benefits to smaller communities as well. With more new innovations in the pipeline, the coming years might see a greater increase in the number of Laser eye procedures and improved results for a broader base of patients, say surgeons at the ground level.

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