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How To Make It Work In A New City

The movies have made is seem like moving to a new city is very exciting. It is often shown to be a way people can create a new life for themselves and start over. While settling in a new city can truly be exciting and filled with new hopes, what the movies failed to capture […]

The Evolution Of High Risk Trading and Investing

As with most things in life, times change, things evolve. 40 years ago people who had a high tolerance for risk invested in things like commercial real estate and private equity investments. There was also penny stock investing in mining stocks. Most lost, some won big! These were considered the highest risk investments available. Times […]

Scotland’s Family-Run House Builder Witnesses Sales Rise

Springfield Properties, which is one among the largest family run house builder in Scotland, has said that the housing market is receiving much positivity after he posted the strong results of the first quarter. When compared to the sales of the same period of the last year, Moray based Springfield Properties witnessed a sales hike […]

Stylish Casa do Conto in Porto, Portugal

It is a concrete and urban atmosphere but very chic Casa do Conto (House of Tales), located in the center of Porto, welcomes its guests. Housed in a former 19th century building, its very graphic look contrasts with the exterior of the hotel and makes them feel like in a parallel world where time stops […]

Old Le Paris Motel Will Become a Five-Star Hotel

  After London will be the turn of Rio de Janeiro: Rio in the city will host the next Olympics in 2016, anticipated by World Cup football in 2014, and the work in full swing. One of these is the transformation of a motel, destined to become a new five-star hotel. Le Paris, the name […]

The Excelsior Hotel in Venice

  The luxury hotels in Venice is are known all over the world. It becomes the temporary accommodation of great stars of cinema, during the Venice Film Festival, which every year brings in actors and directors. Emblems of refinement and elegance, it is not surprising that some of them have been chosen as a set […]

The Most Expensive Corkscrew

  Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a collector of beautiful things, or just like to have really expensive items, you may find just what you’re looking for in the Sveid corkscrew. The fifty-two pieces of this corkscrew are made from aviation titanium and the fingertip level is custom made, with the choices of casting […]

The Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong

  With the rate of inflation and and the urge to build bigger and better buildings, this record may not last long. The most expensive building ever built that we could find is the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong designed by architect, Ieoh Ming Pei. The Bank of China Tower, built in 1989, […]