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Eco-friendly BBE Chaise Longue Design

Sustainable furniture brand TurriniBY in collaboration with designers Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti are responsible for this “BEE” collection of eco-furniture.

With this shared commitment between the brand and the two designers, the partnership was built and was realized with the development of a first range of furniture collection — dubbed “BEE” — made from raw materials, especially bamboo.

Inspired by the original curves and characterized by soft lines and contemporary flair, the chairs, tables, benches and chairs are made of bamboo fiber, on the basis of a honeycomb structure and birch.

Presented in France at the Paris Design Week in September 2012, the collection “BEE” has already made a name. The chaise longue has recently been awarded the Design Observer and will compete for the delivery of design stars, in November.

Not sure about you, but it’s a real charmer for us!

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