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Limited Edition “Rose d’Arabie” by Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani launches an exclusive version with gold flakes. This is the perfume, “Rose d’Arabie”, which is a limited edition for King George, who wanted to pay tribute to the temple of the Parisian shopping, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, with a fragrance.

In addition to the notes of the perfume, the limited edition contains small gold flakes leaving a golden glow on the skin. “L’Or du Désert” was created to celebrate the 160 years of the department store of luxury: a unique scent of one of the biggest names in fashion and style for a very special birthday.

The company hopes a special occasion is always celebrated in the best way. What’s more refined is that the fragrance combines the high-level sense of smell and sight. In many of the limited edition fragrances, often high-quality materials are used for making it, such as models of exception in crystal, gold or precious stones.



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