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Marketing advice for wedding DJs

As a self-employed DJ, it can be difficult to balance the demands of a busy work schedule, together with marketing and planning future events. If you’re a DJ and are looking for some tips on how best to promote your wedding-related services, read on.

Consider local advertising

In this day and age of doing everything online, you might be forgiven for overlooking advertising in the local press. However, this is a crucial part of marketing for anyone offering a service in a particular area. Look into placing ads in local newspapers, as well as any regional magazines, and also consider a radio ad spot or two.

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Partner with wedding venues

It can be a good idea to contact the manager of popular wedding venues in your area and see if they would be willing to mention your business to prospective brides and grooms hiring their facilities. Make sure you properly introduce yourself and explain exactly what you do, and give them some business cards to pass on to inquiring couples.

Spread the word among other clients

If you already DJ at other events, such as birthday parties, ensure your clients know what else you can do in case they ever need a wedding DJ. The fact that they will have already used your services and are (presumably!) happy with them will go a long way towards securing other business from them.

Embrace technology

The internet is your friend – advertise your services on wedding supplier directories and other websites (Confetti and Hitched are popular ones in the UK) and set up some sort of permanent web presence so potential customers can get in touch with you easily. Another way to use technology is saving sample playlists on promotional flash drives and distributing these to prospective clients – ensure they’re branded with your logo/contact details, though!

Attend wedding fairs

Wedding fairs are an important platform for all suppliers. Find out where and when fairs are taking place in your area and book a stand so you too can spread the word about your services among visitors. This is a good time to hand out USB drives and any other promotional merchandise you may have. Don’t forget to pass out your business card, too.

Have references to hand

Many couples will ask for references to make sure they’re choosing a reliable wedding DJ. If you don’t have testimonials on your website, make sure you have any positive feedback to hand so you can easily send this on when requested.

Know what you can play

It’s common for brides and grooms-to-be to ask about the kind of music you have in your collection and to even ask whether you have particular songs available. Ensure you have an easily accessible record of the songs in your vinyl/CD box so you can quickly answer any such questions. Of course, it’s even better to have your collection saved on your laptop in digital format so you can conduct a search at a touch of a button!

Make fees transparent

Always make it clear what you charge for your services. Don’t just give a ballpark figure when couples ask for a quote – be as precise as possible and detail any extra fees that might arise. Wedding planning is increasingly being done on a tight budget, so bear this in mind at all times!

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