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Men Watches Styles: Class Up Your Wrist Wear Collection

There might be plenty of options and accessories for women out there, but when it comes to me and jewelry, one of the classic and timeless things to sport is simply the thing that tells you ‘time’. While there seems to be a collection of bands, chains, improvised bracelets and various other glittering ornaments for men as well, when it comes to sheer elegance, nothing comes close to that one amazing watch, which will steal the show.

Of course, picking one that suits you best is not the easiest task in the world with various situations and moods demanding different styles. Here is a collection of styles, which should complete your ‘wrist gear wardrobe’ and complement your attire.

Top of the crop

There is a reason why the likes of Rolex, Breitling, Omega and other similar brands are so incredibly popular and sought-after. Buying one of these might well cost you anything upwards of $1000, but they will be worth the bucks you shell out and will last a lifetime as well. A silent symbol of all you represent, they are sure to attract a bit of attention.

Chrome Rules

A Chrome watch that does not fall in the category of a Rolex might not have the same ring to it, but it still can match the very best in terms of looks and style. The advantage of chrome or even steel watches is that they look great for both formal and casual setting and with rectangular-shaped chrome watches becoming the latest craze, having one really adds to your watch collection.

Minimalist Trend

Watches, just like fashion and design are also taking a turn towards minimalism with ‘less is more’ becoming the design philosophy. There are many models out there today that sport a very simple and ultra-minimalistic black or white band, along with a display, that seems to show next to nothing! If you love designs that are ‘out-of-the-box’ and trendy, this is a style worth considering.

Traditional Leather

Having a watch that is a tad bit traditional, goes with every attire you own and simply feel comfortable on your wrist for a cool evening’s walk is always a must. A lovely leather watch for all seasons seems to be still one of the most popular choices for this. They come in plenty of variations, so you can pick a shade and style that suits your wrist best.

Outdoor and Nautical design

No men’s watch collection is complete without a piece of wrist wear that is tuned for the rough and wet world outside. Whether you are on your latest rock climbing or white water rafting trip or going on a deep dive to explore the reef, a beautiful and sturdy watch for the outdoors like the G-Shock or a specially designed one from Nike always comes in handy.

Remember that a good watch will last a lifetime and they are the definitive piece of jewelry for men, reflecting their taste and choices.

So chose wisely!

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