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Miranda Kerr – No More The Victoria’s Secret Angels

Miranda Kerr will not hang up her wings as one of the Victoria’s Secret models. There have been gossips and rumors that the famous lingerie brand will not tie up with this Australian star because she holds a ‘not so good’ reputation and also because she was not a big seller for VS when compared to other models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima.


Consequently, the angel’s wings are clipped. She will no longer be a part of the super sexy lingerie brand. This is what the fashion industry reported. According to the sources, Kerr who is 30 years old is no more the brand ambassador because her $1 million dollar contract was not renewed any further.

This Australian Diva is the mother to Flynn, her 2 years old son and her husband Orlando Bloom is 36 years old. Now she can be used for catalog where she will be paid daily rates. For this she does not need to be an angel.

The eminent Executives from Victoria’s Secret will not be able to deny that the contract was not renewed. But the Chief Marketing officer, Ed Razek has invited her to walk the 2013 show. According to him, she is one of the best models in the fashion trade. She is also a skilled professional. Her busy schedule and commitment have kept her away from this brand.

Through Kerr will not more be the model for Victoria’s Secret; she will be performing the catwalk show in 2013 and she happily agreed to it.

Once again American Apparel ad banned – Images are extremely sexual

American Apparel has earned shatterproof reputation for not following the advertising norms. So it’s time for yet another ban for revealing highly sexual images. This was found to demean women on the company website. This is a very famous apparel brand that offers a wide range of high quality and styled clothes.


The contentious US retailer has always broken the advertising guidelines by focusing on super seductive images of young women. There were a number of pictures of two women on their website. Now a complaint was lodged to the Advertising Standards Authority that the two young models were exposed in highly vulnerable positions and the pictures were absolutely offensive. The picture was a sexual one that objectified the women.

According to American Apparels, UK, the company has tried their best to adhere to the advertising standards even after having ads banned three times on few months. The company also tries to crate authentic advertisement which relates to the customer base.

The ASA reported that the images of scantily dressed young women were highly exposed and blatantly sexual. Looking at six images of a single model, The ASA reported that the images focused on the buttocks, groin, breasts and the face of the model in not included. The image of second model seemed that she posed for a knitwear advertisement.

All the images spoke of one thing, the vulnerability of women as they show sexually provoking poses. According to the authorities, this could bring down the image of the brand if anyone visits the company website. The ASA straight away banned it.

America’s Fast Food Industry Earns Huge Buck – Workers Go on Strike!

Last week about 400 fast food workers went on a strike for a day due to a protest against “McWages” that allowed them to live below the poverty line. The workers are now interested in forming a union without tolerating any kind of harassment. Their demand was to earn $15 per hour.

fast food

The workers highly insulted the $7.25 per hour payment they receive at the moment. If you add up, the entire amount is not considered as a living wage in any part of the world. How can a person survive in New York, one of the costliest cities in the U.S.?

The employees do not get proper increment and they have to skip meals, walk to the work because they cannot afford to pay the subway fare and cannot buy regular clothes. It gets impossible for them to get married. Have you ever noticed the websites of KFC, Taco Bell, Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut proudly declares an EPS boost of 13% in 2012? But how much do the pay the workers?

According to Business Wire, the fast food industry is the most rapidly growing one. Even after that the companies are not at all ashamed about how they exploit the workers. All the organizations make such bold statements to the media. How can they say that the workers are paid competitive wages and enjoy benefits?

The CEOs will never pay heed to the workers needs. The situation can only change if you go on a strike and mobilize. If you are moving on a strike and you are not in union, there are chances of getting fired, so it’s pretty risky!

Marketing advice for wedding DJs

As a self-employed DJ, it can be difficult to balance the demands of a busy work schedule, together with marketing and planning future events. If you’re a DJ and are looking for some tips on how best to promote your wedding-related services, read on.

Consider local advertising

In this day and age of doing everything online, you might be forgiven for overlooking advertising in the local press. However, this is a crucial part of marketing for anyone offering a service in a particular area. Look into placing ads in local newspapers, as well as any regional magazines, and also consider a radio ad spot or two.

wedding DJs

Partner with wedding venues

It can be a good idea to contact the manager of popular wedding venues in your area and see if they would be willing to mention your business to prospective brides and grooms hiring their facilities. Make sure you properly introduce yourself and explain exactly what you do, and give them some business cards to pass on to inquiring couples.

Spread the word among other clients

If you already DJ at other events, such as birthday parties, ensure your clients know what else you can do in case they ever need a wedding DJ. The fact that they will have already used your services and are (presumably!) happy with them will go a long way towards securing other business from them.

Embrace technology

The internet is your friend – advertise your services on wedding supplier directories and other websites (Confetti and Hitched are popular ones in the UK) and set up some sort of permanent web presence so potential customers can get in touch with you easily. Another way to use technology is saving sample playlists on promotional flash drives and distributing these to prospective clients – ensure they’re branded with your logo/contact details, though!

Attend wedding fairs

Wedding fairs are an important platform for all suppliers. Find out where and when fairs are taking place in your area and book a stand so you too can spread the word about your services among visitors. This is a good time to hand out USB drives and any other promotional merchandise you may have. Don’t forget to pass out your business card, too.

Have references to hand

Many couples will ask for references to make sure they’re choosing a reliable wedding DJ. If you don’t have testimonials on your website, make sure you have any positive feedback to hand so you can easily send this on when requested.

Know what you can play

It’s common for brides and grooms-to-be to ask about the kind of music you have in your collection and to even ask whether you have particular songs available. Ensure you have an easily accessible record of the songs in your vinyl/CD box so you can quickly answer any such questions. Of course, it’s even better to have your collection saved on your laptop in digital format so you can conduct a search at a touch of a button!

Make fees transparent

Always make it clear what you charge for your services. Don’t just give a ballpark figure when couples ask for a quote – be as precise as possible and detail any extra fees that might arise. Wedding planning is increasingly being done on a tight budget, so bear this in mind at all times!

Advancement in Laser Eye Surgery opens up avenues for a broader base of patients

Gone are the days when you have to live with prescription glasses and contact lenses even if you are uncomfortable with them or if your job demands require perfect natural vision for ease and comfort.

From young sportsmen who try and give their all on the field to professionals behind the desk spending countless hours in front of their laptops, surgical procedures like the LASIK have opened up the world of perfect vision to larger audience in the past few years. But it is not just the availability of the procedure in various cities across the globe, but also the number of eye defects that they are now able to correct, which is garnering laser eye surgery new found popularity.

laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery has reached a point today where patients that were once told that they were not fit for the procedure can now gladly be treated using the latest that technology has to offer. From LASIK and LASEK to other corrective Laser surgeries, there is now a chance to treat and correct vision problems of a broader base than ever before. Apart from the surgery becoming a far more viable option for greater number of patients, technological advancements have also ensured that it is far more affordable now than at any time in the past.

This combination of economic accessibility along with the success rate has made it hugely popular to a point where in 2008 and 2009 the likes of New York Times effectively measured the extent of recession by taking into count the number of Laser Eye Surgeries performed in the period and concluded that they were indeed a good indicator to measure economic health!

While bringing LASIK to smaller cities and towns was previously considered simply unviable due to the costs involved, an evolution in technology has ensured that today it is possible to bring its benefits to smaller communities as well. With more new innovations in the pipeline, the coming years might see a greater increase in the number of Laser eye procedures and improved results for a broader base of patients, say surgeons at the ground level.

5 simple offices fit out tips to help create ergonomic interiors

Planning for a new office or even chalking up an entire office fit out for renovation and expansion can be quite a task. It is not as simple as it sounds and often practicality is ignored for aesthetics. But with careful analysis of what is on offer and what exactly your needs are, you can acquire the desired results within the spending limit that you have set for yourself.

Here are few tips that will help you along —

Plan carefully before you start

While this might sound a bit pedestrian, it is actually the most important facet of it all and something most people ignore. Do not jump into an office fit out project without completely understanding what you are getting into. Keep your enthusiasm under check and do plenty of research before you get started.

Careful with the blueprint

Plan for each work station an d every little corner carefully. Do not overlook any part of the project as every single inch of your office is equally important and maximize the available work area with smart planning and space-saving décor. This is the time to put aesthetics on the backseat

Accommodate for possible future growth

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to planning an office fit out and interiors is not planning for the future. The plan that you have in mind might be great for now, but what happens say an year or so down the line when business expands? Incorporate a bit of flexibility that will have room for easy alterations.

Look around and shop for innovative solutions

If you are not someone directly involved with office interior design industry on a day-to-day basis, then you most likely would not be aware of the latest creative solutions on offer. Technology and design are evolving at a rapid rate and hence it is best to research for smart solutions.

Safety, Aesthetics and professional help!

Along with the practical aspects of design, never ever forget to put in safety elements such as emergency exits, placement of fire extinguishers, sprinklers and the rest. Once this is done, think of the elegant beauty you can add to the walls of the office. In case, this whole task seems a tad bit overwhelming, then the best solution is to simply reach out and get some expert help.

Stylish Casa do Conto in Porto, Portugal

It is a concrete and urban atmosphere but very chic Casa do Conto (House of Tales), located in the center of Porto, welcomes its guests.

Housed in a former 19th century building, its very graphic look contrasts with the exterior of the hotel and makes them feel like in a parallel world where time stops and you take the time to live …

A sleek maximum choice of concrete and predominantly white make a nice entry point for visiting the city. The garden also looks very nice!

Like it? Leave a comment and let us know what you think about it.

Eco-friendly BBE Chaise Longue Design

Sustainable furniture brand TurriniBY in collaboration with designers Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti are responsible for this “BEE” collection of eco-furniture.

With this shared commitment between the brand and the two designers, the partnership was built and was realized with the development of a first range of furniture collection — dubbed “BEE” — made from raw materials, especially bamboo.

Inspired by the original curves and characterized by soft lines and contemporary flair, the chairs, tables, benches and chairs are made of bamboo fiber, on the basis of a honeycomb structure and birch.

Presented in France at the Paris Design Week in September 2012, the collection “BEE” has already made a name. The chaise longue has recently been awarded the Design Observer and will compete for the delivery of design stars, in November.

Not sure about you, but it’s a real charmer for us!

6 tips to choose the perfect men’s wedding ring

Choosing a wedding ring or band for men can be a difficult task at times and people are often left confused not just because of the wide variety of options that are available these days, but mainly because most men might have never really worn any kind of a ring before.

This means they have little personal experience to go by and a plethora of choices, making the process all the more daunting. In case of a wedding ring though, you want something that not only lasts, but also reflects your personality and feels comfortable to wear.

Here are a few tips that will make the selection process a lot simpler for you.

  • Consider the work that you are involved in and what kind of wear and tear the ring would undergo. If your occupation disallows the wearing of the wedding band on a daily basis, then you might want to opt for something fancy and stylish since you will most likely sport it only on weekends and holidays.
  • As talked about above, remember that at the end of the day your wedding ring will also reflect who you are and is an accessory that you must be proud to sport. You can opt for various metals and designs that seem appealing to you and even go in for a custom-design, if you are willing to spend the extra dough.
  • Think about your own cultural and ethnic background and check out if designers have wedding rings that will reflect this heritage. It not only makes your ring unique, but also that extra bit special.
  •  At the end of the day, what matters is not just the look of the ring, but also how comfortable you are wearing it all the time. The band should have a soft and smooth internal curve, which will not hurt your fingers and the outer design must also be smooth and not too rough. The fine collection of men’s wedding bands from JewelryVortex is a fine example of this.
  •  You can also opt for matching wedding rings, which seem to be the current trend and ensure that both the bride and the groom have rings that also look like they are made for each other!
  • Wedding rings these days seem to come in a wide variety of metals and depending both on your budget and taste, you can pick anything between tungsten and gold to platinum and titanium. Go through all the options before you make a final decision.

Perfect Look: Top supplements that help prevent hair loss

One of the scariest feelings in the world is to start losing hair and suddenly find that a few months later you have a bald spot or two. While that might seem like a bit of an exaggeration to some, most men who take great care of their hair still find that at some point they are overly-worried about going bald.

Hair-loss is a serious problem and the important thing to note is that there can be a wide variety of reasons for it. Those can range from long-term diseases to something as simple as dandruff and nutritional deficiency. Proper food supplements and intake of nutrients can help prevent the damage and attain a healthy scalp.

Vitamin B Complex

It is well-known that lack of vitamin B complex can make your hair both brittle and thin. This will eventually lead to greater loss of hair. The best way to avoid this is by consuming foods rich in vitamin B such as grains, fish and dairy products. If that does not help, then multivitamins is the next option.


Iron deficiency can cause a variety of problems and hair loss is actually one of the milder affects. Reduced iron content in your body can lead to weakness and spells of dizziness as well, in some severe cases. Consult your doctor and check for iron deficiency and eat iron-rich food like red meat, green leafy vegetable and eggs.


Rosemary is a herb that has wide medicinal properties and rubbing Rosemary oil on your scalp can increase the growth of hair follicles and prevent hair loss. It has been one of the more affective herbs that cure hair loss, in recent times.


Found in meat and eggs, Lysine is the building block or proteins and since hair is made up of protein, a diet rich in Lysine can help not just prevent hair loss, but repair hair damage as well. If you wish to keep your hair strong and thick in a natural way, a protein-rich diet is the way to go.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and hence has great benefits for your hair. It is very easy to find as most citrus fruits and vegetables have rich content of Vitamin C. No wonder then that there are so many hair supplements and shampoos that use a tinge of ‘lemon extract’ in their ingredients as that includes a dash of Vitamin C.