The Shape of Things

Watches for the Season by Perrelet Turbine XS Taste


These jewelry and watches for the season come in colors. With the warmer weather, the heat, the look that you are more mischievous and cheerful, the accessories become “lighter” but still prestigious.

When it comes to watches, the new collection by Perrelet Turbine XS Taste seems made for the summer weather and the kaleidoscope of colors that inevitably leads. The models are characterized by the choice of colors that brighten up the crates, from blue to purple blueberry blackberry, passing the lemon yellow and turquoise sea.

Each watch is completed with lunettes covered with precious stones, each tuned to the color, while the dials are cut from beams covered with diamonds. A combination of white and shades in theme with the summer.



The Chopard Happy Fish


A dip in the water every time you look at the time. It seems that the idea behind the Happy Fish, the new model of the collection Chopard Happy Sport. The clock becomes a valuable aquarium which is dominated by shades of blue and encloses three small clown fish in three different colors.

small animals give nuance to three precious stones with sapphires, tsavorite, ruby and onyx , while the case is available in steel or 18-carat pink gold. It is a small underwater world to take place, signed by Chopard.

5 eco-friendly hair removal tips

Going green is the latest ‘cool’ thing. From the young to the old, using sustainable products and cutting done on emissions is a trend that is catching up pretty fast and is affecting consumer choices in every facet of life. So, why should hair removal be any different? While you might not realize this, conventional hair removal or shaving methods create a ton of waste.

Here are 5 simple alternatives that will help you stay hair-free and the planet garbage-free.

1) Electric embrace

Going electric is now the big eco-solution, which the automobile industry has embraced with glee and you, can do the same for hair removal s well. Using an electric shaver can cut down on water wastage, all those razors and a lot more. You can maybe even charge it up using some solar power, if you wish to go completely eco-friendly!

2) Wax to smoothness

How about a bit of hot wax replacing the razor for smooth and hair-free skin? Waxing is pretty easy to get used to, something that you can get done at home and with modern ‘wax strips’ you need not even worry about hot wax and the fussy mess it can make. And the final result that you get with waxing is always a lot better than the use of a razor.

3) Green shaving products

There are many shaving products and even razors, which use sustainable and recyclable materials and if you for some reason still wish to stick to a razor, then picking one of these helps immensely. You can look on both product labels or ask at your supermarket for something ‘green’.

4) IPL Laser hair removal

Generally, Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light are the ones to make it on to a green list, but in the case of hair removal they definitely get the top spot. Permanent hair removal means saving up on a ton of waste and of course saves you both time and plenty of fuss in the long term. Laser and IPL Hair Removal treatments are a one-shot deal and far more energy-saving than razors, waxing or even electric alternatives.

Diamonds and Sapphires in the New Dior Christal Full Diamond Watch


Dior has extended its line of Christal Full Diamond watches with seven new models designed for the most demanding women. Each watch is indeed studded with diamonds and sapphires that give a touch of elegance to any outfit. The line of 28 and 33 mm of the house is thus enriched with precious stones that shine with every movement of the wrist.

On a stainless steel case, diamonds adorn the bezel combined with sapphires, while the crown is equipped with sapphire crystal. In addition, a mother of pearl shines on the dial. On the strap shines three strips of diamonds or sapphires to illuminate the watch.

If you are looking for the perfect gift or if you still do not know what you give, maybe these watches could be for you.

The new Dior collection is designed for women who love jewelry in all their forms. Many brands have in fact associated with the passion for precious stones and precision of watchmaking classy.



“Imaginary Nature” by De Beers


Jewels that tell the shapes of nature, which arise from the myths and dreams to create new forms are absolutely perfect. The new collection of jewelry from De Beers, “Imaginary Nature”, tells a fantasy world, where natural forms meet with the myth and beauty. Otto jewelry and unique pieces, where the splendor of diamonds bends in the sinuous lines, tell the metamorphosis in the natural world.

From Ovid to the present day, the new collection of De Beers is based precisely on the move, and one that brings every element of nature to change itself into a spiral of beauty.

The brand has taken inspiration from the diamond, which is a real muse in this case for the creation of eight pieces that tell the craftsmanship of jewelers in shaping forms and light.

The De Beers jewelry diamonds are among the absolute must for those who love precious things.



Chaumet’s “Bee My Love” Collection


Chaumet who wanted to dedicate their latest creation in a historic emblem as highly relevant, presented their new collection of rings. “Bee My Love”, as the same name of the line, plays on the plot of the honeycomb, which is the emblem of the house since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte who was undoubtedly his most famous client.

The collection consists of 9 rings that represent the honeycomb texture with small hexagons, that can be worn alone or with a combination of interlocking differently each time. The rings can be chosen in pink, yellow and white , with or without diamonds or paved with diamonds.

The geometric design was in fact used during the imperial era under Napoleon. Chaumet also had occupied the crown of crowns, and the finery worn by the Empresses Josephine and Marie Louise.

Patek Philippe in Limited Edition as a Gift from Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie


A unique wedding for the most popular and famous in Hollywood. Brad Pitt has decided to give his bride, Angelina Jolie, an ultra-luxury watch: a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater with a value of 250,000 pounds.

The actor has bought the watch during BaselWorld, when he met the Stern family, which owns the trademark. A wonderfully precious to his promise: for the model chosen by Pitt as a rule, the waiting list is two years.

The Diamond Covered iPhone 4S



Surely that the Apple team manufactures the most expensive phones. It is always a trend that the newest version or model of a mobile phone will definitely be the most expensive.

But, while waiting for the much anticipated iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S tops Apple’s list. Almost everyone wants to have a 4S, and yes, many mobile carriers are offering the 4S at quite an affordable price on contract.

But, did you know that the Apple iPhone 4S has a different variation? This is the diamond covered 4S. This gadget now tops the list of the most expensive cellphones ever created.

Its sides, home button, as well as the Apple logo at the back of the phone is covered with diamonds. Indeed, the iPhone 4S is a luxury phone, but this model is even more luxurious.

For those who want to get their hands on this gadget, it has a price tag of $9.4 million U.S. dollars.

Why a great logo is essential for a successful business

From Nike and Adidas to Pepsi and Coke, one of the things that we first associate with a company and a brand is its logo.

They are the most recognizable aspects of a company, big or small and over a considerable period of time and accompanied by the right marketing tools and quality product, logos can have a huge impact on consumer conscious. From the simple tick mark, to the three uneven lines, it is all about creating a symbol that tells a story, signifies what the company stands for and exudes the quality of your product.

Logos are an extension to the vast history of symbolism and iconography that human history boasts of. Here are a few tips that will help you understand the trend and design a competent logo for your budding business venture –

  • Think carefully regarding the color that you use and the combination of various shades you employ. Red exudes passion and excitement, blue is considered a symbol of loyalty and strength, purple is seen as representative of elegance, sophistication and royalty and green a harbinger for sustainability. See which color fits your product best and how distinct it looks.
  •  Simple geometric shapes might seem normal, but they to tend to have plenty of impact. They are easy to identify and reach a vast number of people far more quickly.
  • If you wish to go in for a more unusual shape for your logo, then by keeping it relatively simple, you will convey creativity and freshness. Abstract designs are far more attractive, but do make sure you do not over-complicate it too much.
  • Add texture and depth to your logo, which will enable it to stand out from the crowd. Remember that your logo should be clearly visible whether on your product, on the market shelf or on a giant billboard.
  • Design a logo that is timeless and will stand over decades. Re-designing logos every once in a while is a waste of time. It is best to have foresight and not get caught up just in the moment.

Top 5 winter travel destinations of Europe

Winter is not too far off and considering the fact that most people tend to have a good week or two off and spend time away from work and on holiday trips, maybe a trip to some of the most beautiful and captivating winter destinations of Europe is not a bad idea at all. While Europe has wide variety of winter holiday spots, here are a few that are exclusive, exceptional and simply inimitable.

Northern Lights at Ice Hotel, Sweden

How about spending a few nights at the world’s largest hotel made out of ice and snow alone? Constructed fresh each winter and set in the vast Swedish Lapland, the Ice Hotel is the largest of its kind on the planet and the first to kick off the idea. You can sleep cozily wrapped up in rooms that are -5 degrees Celsius and enjoy the hot local cuisine. Of course, the glimpse of breathtaking aurora borealis (Northern Lights) dancing in the sky will leave you with magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Skiing & snow at Chamonix, France

Chamonix is a popular winter destination and for good reason too. It offers some of the world’s finest skiing grounds and if you are a diehard fan of snow-clad slopes, then a family holiday here can be loads of fun. Majestic Alps, Mount Blanc in the backdrop, picture perfect resorts and awesome cable car rides is what you get here.

Exploring Norwegian Fjords, Norway

While each of us has our own personal preferences for the perfect getaway, the Norwegian Fjords will figure in the list of one and all after a single visit. The fjords defy words when it comes to description and their beauty is simply untouched by modern day lifestyle. As if they have been left behind by time and lost in their own void of space, this is arguably the most romantic trip you can envision; postcard perfect images and secluded spots.

The Isle of Skye, Scotland

One of the top island destinations on the planet, the Isle of Skye in Scotland is renowned for scenic beauty, great accessibility and wildlife galore. One of the lesser known delights of Scotland globally, this is a wonderful holiday spot for those who prefer life at a relaxed pace.

Venice, Italy

Let us round the destinations off with a classic and an all-time hit. Venice still retains the charm that it is renowned for and lives up to its reputation of being the most romantic city on the planet. If you wish to visit, ensure that you are never alone!