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What are Australia’s Best Beaches?

According to the latest count, there are over 10,000 beaches in Australia and while we are not sure even if those who surveyed that vital piece of stat can name all of them, there are definitely a few that stand out and are a must see. If you plan to visit Australia this holiday season, then a trip to one, or even all of these beaches would truly make your holiday Down Under complete. Here are some of the wonderful beaches of this amazing continent-country.


If you have time for visiting just one Australian beach and are a surfing enthusiast, then this is where you would want to be. Bells Beach is without a shadow of a doubt the surfing capital of the country and sitting on the coast of Victoria, this where the pros hone their skills on the board. If you are not very confident about the surf experience, then you can always shop!


Just 7Km away from Sydney, there is no wonder why Bondi beach is Australia’s most well-known one. Considering how most tourists make Sydney a ‘must stop’ on the trip Down Under and how close it is to the city, it thrives with tourists all the time and its popularity is well-earned. You can surf, swim, get a tan and pretty much enjoy a whole plethora of Sydney’s cosmopolitan delights here.


While others might be more famous, you must visit Hyams beach for its sheer natural beauty and the amazing white sand, which will ensure that you have a trip that looks picture perfect. You might never want to come off this amazing natural setting, but in case you wish to explore, it also offers easy access to the Jervis Bay National Park and the Booderee National Park.

Byron Bay

The easterly most point of the Australian continent, Byron Bay in New South Wales is another of those beaches that is incredibly popular and renowned. It promises a variety of activities though as you can go deep water diving, kayaking with dolphins, lay back on its serene beach as you enjoy the cool coastal winds and of course surfing.

Cable Beach

Another captivating beach that will steal the hearts of those who love nature and anyone who wishes to soak in pristine white sands and watch the sun set in the magnificent Indian Ocean. The fact that it stretches a good twenty-two kilometers, means this is one of those rare ‘popular’ beaches where you can actually find a private and secluded spot.

The Grand Opulence Sundae


Regardless of age, everybody loves ice cream. The Grand Opulence Sundae from Serendipity of New York City has the title of the world’s most expensive ice cream with a value of $1,000 per serving.

The Grand Opulence Sundae is actually garnished with 23k edible gold. You may believe that this treat is one that can be purchased on rare occasion by only the rich and famous. However, Serendipity reports they sell one of these sundaes per month.




The Platinum Arowana


Think that having fish as pets is cheap? Well it is if you’re buying goldfish or feeder fish that cost little to replace but there’s one aquarium fish that is not only very costly to replace, it’s also a very rare breed and has a very rare condition, all of which make it the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

The fish is a platinum arowana and it is 15 inches long. It lives in Singapore, where it is owned by Aro Dynasty, a dragon fish breeder. Its right eye pulls downward and although this is a rare condition, it is not rare for the arowana breed.

However, the pure white color of this particular fish is rare, even amongst its own kind, and is considered a mutation. The fish was displayed at the Aquarama 2007 show, where it gained international attention. Shortly after the show, Aro Dynasty received an offer of $80,000 for the fish. After declining, they received another offer of 200 pounds, about $400,000 USD for the fish.

Turning that offer down as well, Aro Dynasty still maintains that the fish is not for sale. However, this rare fish is still considered to be the most expensive fish in the world.

The Most Expensive Candle


Candles can be found just about everywhere these days from entire shops dedicated to candles. They are of different shapes and sizes, to corner store shelves stuffed with them.

Sometimes, we may find a candle that is especially pretty to us, has a particularly good scent, or just has a look we can’t pass up. The most expensive candle in the world is all of that.

Looking more like a piece of modern decor than a candle, the most expensive candle in the world, appropriately named “Ultimate Luxury Candle,” also has a beautiful Champagne Noir Soy scent. But what’s more is that it comes with its very own special gift.

The Ultimate Luxury Candle was designed by Luxury Soy Candles and it sells for just under $5,000. If you think that’s a lot of money to spend on a candle, consider that it comes wrapped in more than just its beautiful black box with white bow.

Around the piece of glass that surrounds the actual candle is a beautiful bracelet that’s bejeweled with 38 diamonds for a total of 2.23 carats, and they’re all set in 14K white gold.

Now that’s a candle that really might be too precious to burn!



The Illinois Cornflake


If you thought that the boxes of cereal that line the grocery store’s shelves are expensive, you might be surprised to find out how much you could actually pay for cereal. And you might be even more surprised to find out that when you buy this cereal, you don’t even get a whole box. All you’ll get is one small piece of corn cereal.

The most expensive cereal is a piece that came out of what seemed a regular box of Corn Flakes. The fifteen-year-old who was eating the cereal one day happened to notice one particularly and happened to remark that it looked like the state of Illinois.

Not only did the shape itself to be extraordinary, but it also couldn’t be overlooked that Illinois is the second largest producer of corn in the United States.

This sent a whirlwind into motion as it was then dubbed the “Great Illinois Corn Flake.” The piece of cereal was put up on eBay, where the bids were said to reach a whopping $200,000. Unfortunately, eBay soon picked up on the item and deemed it as being against their food policies. Because of this the item had to be removed. The item was then relisted through some loopholes. Instead of selling the actual corn flake, the sellers sold a coupon for the cornflake, which was deemed acceptable under eBay’s conditions. However, under these new selling conditions the cornflake only garnered $1,350. Still, that’s enough to deem this cornflake as the world’s most expensive cereal.

The World’s Most Expensive Gameboy


Surely, the Gameboy once dominated the world of games. It is also one of the most bought item to be given as presents to children. But, with this Gameboy made of 18 karat gold, would you still consider giving it as a gift?

As mentioned, this Gameboy is made of 18 karat gold. As for the display screen, it is surrounded by diamonds.

Available through Swiss Supply and created by Aspreys Of London, this little toy costs $25,000 USD.




The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge



There is a bridge in California that has just recently become the world’s most expensive bridge. The bridge is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The bridge is a toll bridge and has five lanes in total and connects San Francisco to Oakland through Yerba Buena Island. The bridge was functional since1936, which is approximately half a year before the Golden Gate Bridge opened.

In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake seriously compromised the safety of one section of the bridge. Due to different strategies that had continuously been discussed about whether to repair that section of the bridge, the construction slowly began. A decision was made to completely replace the entire section of bridge that had been damaged and that the funding would come from the people who travelled across it. The toll on the bridge has now been raised from three dollars to four dollars. With 280,000 vehicles crossing the bridge every day, this is a major source of funding.

In January 2002, the construction began on the section of the bridge. The construction should be completed by 2012. The cost of replacing this section of bridge is approximately $6.3 billion.




The World’s Most Expensive Autograph


As fans, an autograph is something that we really treasure, especially if it comes from our favorite star. But, do you know what the most expensive autograph is? No, it’s not those of the Hollywood stars, but the world’s most expensive autograph is that of William Shakespeare.

Yes, this famous poet’s autograph has only six known authenticated copies. One is on a conveyance for a house in London, one on a deposition in a legal case, one on his mortgage papers, and three in his will. All of these autographs are are held in institutions.

If one of Shakespeare’s autographs will be auctioned, it would fetch an estimated amount of $5,000,000.00 USD.

Kona Nagri: The Most Expensive Water


The world’s most expensive water can be found 2,000 feet down off the coast of Hawaii.

The name of this expensive water is the Kona Nagri, which is bottled by the Hawaii Deep Marine.

This water is a seawater mineral concentrate that you mix with your regular drinking water.

The Japanese are driving the cost up even more as they cannot get enough. At this time, only 2 ounces of Kona Nigari costs $33.50 USD.

If you are thinking about purchasing one gallon, then better be ready to spend $2,144.00 USD.

Harry Winston’s Most Expensive Earrings


Harry Winston is the “jeweler of the stars”. And where else can you find him? Where else, but at the House of Winston, located at 371 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

Every year, Harry Winston lends out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jewelry to the stars so they can look good at the Oscars.

In the year 2006, Harry Winston created a pair of “Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings” consisting of two pear-shaped diamonds in a platinum setting with a total of 60.1 carats.

If you’re interested in buying the world’s most expensive earrings, be prepared to sspend $8.5 million USD.