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Men Watches Styles: Class Up Your Wrist Wear Collection

There might be plenty of options and accessories for women out there, but when it comes to me and jewelry, one of the classic and timeless things to sport is simply the thing that tells you ‘time’. While there seems to be a collection of bands, chains, improvised bracelets and various other glittering ornaments for men as well, when it comes to sheer elegance, nothing comes close to that one amazing watch, which will steal the show.

Of course, picking one that suits you best is not the easiest task in the world with various situations and moods demanding different styles. Here is a collection of styles, which should complete your ‘wrist gear wardrobe’ and complement your attire.

Top of the crop

There is a reason why the likes of Rolex, Breitling, Omega and other similar brands are so incredibly popular and sought-after. Buying one of these might well cost you anything upwards of $1000, but they will be worth the bucks you shell out and will last a lifetime as well. A silent symbol of all you represent, they are sure to attract a bit of attention.

Chrome Rules

A Chrome watch that does not fall in the category of a Rolex might not have the same ring to it, but it still can match the very best in terms of looks and style. The advantage of chrome or even steel watches is that they look great for both formal and casual setting and with rectangular-shaped chrome watches becoming the latest craze, having one really adds to your watch collection.

Minimalist Trend

Watches, just like fashion and design are also taking a turn towards minimalism with ‘less is more’ becoming the design philosophy. There are many models out there today that sport a very simple and ultra-minimalistic black or white band, along with a display, that seems to show next to nothing! If you love designs that are ‘out-of-the-box’ and trendy, this is a style worth considering.

Traditional Leather

Having a watch that is a tad bit traditional, goes with every attire you own and simply feel comfortable on your wrist for a cool evening’s walk is always a must. A lovely leather watch for all seasons seems to be still one of the most popular choices for this. They come in plenty of variations, so you can pick a shade and style that suits your wrist best.

Outdoor and Nautical design

No men’s watch collection is complete without a piece of wrist wear that is tuned for the rough and wet world outside. Whether you are on your latest rock climbing or white water rafting trip or going on a deep dive to explore the reef, a beautiful and sturdy watch for the outdoors like the G-Shock or a specially designed one from Nike always comes in handy.

Remember that a good watch will last a lifetime and they are the definitive piece of jewelry for men, reflecting their taste and choices.

So chose wisely!

Bridal wear gives a new lease of life to the fashion industry

In the times of economic slowdown, it is hard to really find an upswing in most businesses across the globe. The likes of aviation and tourism have suffered huge losses world over and since people are not too willing to freely spend cash on the excesses, it has meant a los in revenue for most industries. But in case of fashion and beauty, that is far from the truth. In fact, the market trends globally are exactly opposite and that is largely thanks to consumers being driven when it comes to looking good.

While previously it was nail polish that was the standard for the growth of the industry, lipstick sales along with perfume have now taken over. And in markets like India, it is bridal wear and wedding as a ‘gala event’ that has helped the fashion world beat the slump during the slow economic times.

Most designers in Indian market concede that Bridal is simply the most ‘lucrative’ part of Indian fashion wear and constitutes up to 70 percent of total revenue at times. This trend is not relegated to India alone; though the sub-continent thanks to its deep cultural roots and thriving urban middle class consumerism, leads the pack.

With almost three-fourths of India’s 750 crore designer wear industry depending on weddings, fashion designers concede that the rest of their work and collections are mostly there just to build brand value, while big chunks of money come in from the bridal assortment.

Both the US and European markets have also seen a constant up in the bridal fashion line of commerce and considering how weddings are always ‘big affairs that are as extravagant as possible” and perennial in nature, it should not really come as a surprise to anyone. So, while designers showcase their flashy collections on ramps, it is the traditional market that still largely drives the big bucks!

Limited Edition “Rose d’Arabie” by Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani launches an exclusive version with gold flakes. This is the perfume, “Rose d’Arabie”, which is a limited edition for King George, who wanted to pay tribute to the temple of the Parisian shopping, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, with a fragrance.

In addition to the notes of the perfume, the limited edition contains small gold flakes leaving a golden glow on the skin. “L’Or du Désert” was created to celebrate the 160 years of the department store of luxury: a unique scent of one of the biggest names in fashion and style for a very special birthday.

The company hopes a special occasion is always celebrated in the best way. What’s more refined is that the fragrance combines the high-level sense of smell and sight. In many of the limited edition fragrances, often high-quality materials are used for making it, such as models of exception in crystal, gold or precious stones.



Christian Louboutin Reveals Cinderella Shoes


The dream of Cinderella in a modern version signed by Christian Louboutin. The famous designer has unveiled his creation dedicated heroine of Disney during the Paris Fashion Week and obviously did not disappoint anyone. The genius of luxury shoes has customized the iconic glass slipper making it suitable for “princesses” of today. The shoe is made of lace, adorned with Swarovski crystals, while two butterflies hovering on the tip and the top of the heel, which is also adorned with crystals. High heel obviously, a twelve, and the inevitable red sole Christian Louboutin designed for “dream”.

The creation, produced in limited edition has only twenty copies, which are not for sale. This makes it even more exclusive creation of designer, who starred this year with the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the house.

The shoe recreates the imaginative model of the famous fairy tale as it was impossible to model the crystal. Therefore, the designer opted for white lace and crystals, to call the white shoe, reinterpreted in accordance with classical emblems of his style, high heel and red sole.

It will not be easy, but it could happen to anyone: Disney has indeed thought of a contest last August 26th, and the prize is obviously creating more “fabulous” by Christian Louboutin.

The name Louboutin has become synonymous with luxury shoes, despite pending litigation in court for the property of the idea of the red sole. The designer, however, has expanded its collaborations addressing not only the world of men’s footwear, but also the designer always inspired by the world of shoes.



Old Le Paris Motel Will Become a Five-Star Hotel


After London will be the turn of Rio de Janeiro: Rio in the city will host the next Olympics in 2016, anticipated by World Cup football in 2014, and the work in full swing. One of these is the transformation of a motel, destined to become a new five-star hotel. Le Paris, the name of the structure, is the center of the project of two French brothers, Jacques and François-Xavier Dussol, who want to return to “ancient splendor of the building in the neoclassical style”. The current 7.50 euro per night will be 278 euro per night for a basic room.

Now it’s time for Rio de Janeiroto face a double challenge: the World Cup and Olympics. The municipality has already started work for a long time and as far as the Tiradentes Square, near the motel Le Paris, which is usual place of meeting for prostitutes. The work has made it possible to think of a new life of the hotel. This is a splendid building dating back to 1902.

The design of two French brothers will cost $5 million and will ultimately lead to the creation of a five-star hotel with 21 rooms and suites, swimming pool and restaurant, retaining the name and façade. A total renovation words that give the city a new luxury address.



5 best personalized gifts for the newly wed

Finding the perfect gift for a newly wed couple can be a taxing task indeed and it becomes all the more difficult when there are scores of others who are beating you when it comes to presenting the best possible gifts. But you can still stand out from the crowd and ensure that you give the couple a lovely little nugget of joy in the form of a personalized gift. They show that you care enough to invest both time and thought into the gift, instead of just picking up something on the list.

Here are 6 personal gift ideas that will make their special day that extra bit memorable.

Memorable photo books:

A well put together photo book bound in leather or even in hardcover makes for the absolute perfect personalized gift. It can either be a collection of snapshots of the couple and their special moments before marriage or you can gift one just a bit after the marriage that includes images from the wedding itself.

A custom poster for the new home:

You can order a custom designed poster or a lovely wall sticker that contains the special moments from their wedding. This will surely find an apt place in their new home and with various canvas and poster printing options on offer today; you can even etch down some wonderful lines.

Wedding invitation frame:

One of the best and cutest ideas we have seen around is a photo frame that is specifically designed out of their wedding invitation. You can chose to integrate the wedding invite in any shape or form, or even just frame the invite itself so that they will cherish it for a lifetime.

A small holiday for the newly wed:

Check with the calendar of the couple before you plan this one and in case you wish to keep it a surprise, then let someone in the family and close to the couple do the checking for you. It can be a small holiday not too far off and on a weekend, but it still makes for a unique gift.

Genealogy tree for the couple:

There are those that offer imaginative art pieces which also accurately portray the family trees of both the bride and the groom and showcase their lineage. It is elegant, timeless and is ideal considering how a wedding goes a long way in bringing two families together, apart from being truly personal!

LG Versace Unique, the First Luxury Mobile Phone of the Medusa


It has finally arrived. This is the latest and long-awaited creation of haute couture, Versace. Its name is Unique and is the first luxury mobile designed by Versace in collaboration with LG. Versace and LG come together to give life to LG Versace Unique, a cell phone that features a three-inch sapphire crystal touch screen, shaped and delineated by strands of polished stainless steel and 18 gold carats. The back of the phone is made from leather which is embossed on the historical symbol of the house, the Medusa.

The phone has 3G network, client e-mail, media player, camera (with flash) 5 mega pixels, combined with the typical functions of a notebook.

On the shelves of Harrods department store , where it was spotted stands the inscription: “Designed for people with a strong international spirit.” The phone gives the opportunity to simultaneously manage different time zones, for managers who are accustomed to get on and off planes around the world.

To this, we then combine technologies Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The price of this phone is $7,200.



Ritz-Carlton Hotel Announces its First Hotel in Vietnam


The expansion of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in Asia has announced the opening of its first hotel in Vietnam, specifically in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a new exclusive residential neighborhood to be built in the capital, Saigon. The new facility will open in 2017 and will be built in the city’s center, the heart of a new residential project that was created to give a new, modern and exclusive to the city.

The project involves the construction of a 250-room hotel, next to the famous Ben Thanh Market Square, a 48-story tower.

For the company, it is a time of great success. The group has in fact recently received the title of best hotel chain in the world for customer satisfaction in 2012, after the study by JD Power and Associates.

Ritz-Carlton has achieved the highest scores in all categories considered, from check-in and check-out facilities, rooms, food and services, as well as the relationship with costs.



New Penthouse Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris


Imagine one of the most beautiful views of Paris, to be enjoyed from the terrace of the newest and most exclusive suite in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city. This idea started the project that gave birth to the new Penthouse Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris. Located on the eighth floor of the hotel, the suite offers the best of both in the interior, inspired by the Parisian style and the exterior from the terrace you can enjoy the view of the City of Lights and its most famous sights, admiring the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a glass of champagne.

For the hotel company, this is a new way to welcome guests in a luxury hotel in Paris. The designers recreated the atmosphere of a real exclusive apartment, which is comfortable and refined, as well as the type of welcoming desired by Christopher Norton, general manager of Four Seasons Hotel George V and regional vice president of the group.

The suite of 160 square meters consists of six terraces from which you can admire a 360° view of Paris, running your eyes over Les Invalides, the Eiffel Tower, the roofs of the Madeleine, the Opera and the Pantheon. From one of the terrace rises above a balcony, which is smaller and more intimate. The master bedroom has its own balcony, plus a canopy daybed where you can enjoy the sunsets.


The Excelsior Hotel in Venice


The luxury hotels in Venice is are known all over the world. It becomes the temporary accommodation of great stars of cinema, during the Venice Film Festival, which every year brings in actors and directors.

Emblems of refinement and elegance, it is not surprising that some of them have been chosen as a set of important films, which have made the history of cinema. The Venice Film Festival 2012 is upon us and this year counts among its guests illustrious celebrities such as Robert Redford and Brian De Palma.

Not everyone knows that the first Film Festival was held for the first time in 1932, right on the terrace of this beautiful Excelsior hotel. Have stayed here are beloved stars like George Clooney and Denzel Washigton. This was also chosen by a master of cinema, Sergio Leone, who filmed Robert De Niro and Elizabeth McGovern, in the film masterpiece “Once Upon a Time in America”.

The charm and solemnity of this hotel is reflected in all their glory in this room with its Moorish architecture, decorated with crystal chandeliers and rich fabrics.