The Shape of Things

New Penthouse Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris


Imagine one of the most beautiful views of Paris, to be enjoyed from the terrace of the newest and most exclusive suite in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city. This idea started the project that gave birth to the new Penthouse Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris. Located on the eighth floor of the hotel, the suite offers the best of both in the interior, inspired by the Parisian style and the exterior from the terrace you can enjoy the view of the City of Lights and its most famous sights, admiring the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a glass of champagne.

For the hotel company, this is a new way to welcome guests in a luxury hotel in Paris. The designers recreated the atmosphere of a real exclusive apartment, which is comfortable and refined, as well as the type of welcoming desired by Christopher Norton, general manager of Four Seasons Hotel George V and regional vice president of the group.

The suite of 160 square meters consists of six terraces from which you can admire a 360° view of Paris, running your eyes over Les Invalides, the Eiffel Tower, the roofs of the Madeleine, the Opera and the Pantheon. From one of the terrace rises above a balcony, which is smaller and more intimate. The master bedroom has its own balcony, plus a canopy daybed where you can enjoy the sunsets.


The Excelsior Hotel in Venice


The luxury hotels in Venice is are known all over the world. It becomes the temporary accommodation of great stars of cinema, during the Venice Film Festival, which every year brings in actors and directors.

Emblems of refinement and elegance, it is not surprising that some of them have been chosen as a set of important films, which have made the history of cinema. The Venice Film Festival 2012 is upon us and this year counts among its guests illustrious celebrities such as Robert Redford and Brian De Palma.

Not everyone knows that the first Film Festival was held for the first time in 1932, right on the terrace of this beautiful Excelsior hotel. Have stayed here are beloved stars like George Clooney and Denzel Washigton. This was also chosen by a master of cinema, Sergio Leone, who filmed Robert De Niro and Elizabeth McGovern, in the film masterpiece “Once Upon a Time in America”.

The charm and solemnity of this hotel is reflected in all their glory in this room with its Moorish architecture, decorated with crystal chandeliers and rich fabrics.



The BMW X5M Dresses Gold on the Streets of Moscow


What do you do for a passion for luxury cars? The owner of this BMW X5M, however, is not contented to have a prestige car, but he thought to cover it with gold to make it even more valuable.

The images that come from the network, thereby showing the model of the car is completely covered in the most precious metal in a customization of extra luxury. The owner wanted it to give more luster to his car with a golden body, making cover every detail and detail of the car. It was hard to go unnoticed, so that the photos are now out from the borders of Russia, the original country of the demanding motorist.

Watching the car is likely to be a special film that is usually used by companies specializing in luxury customizations to make precious various models. In this way, you can possibly remove the precious coating once you decide to give a new look to the car. The choice of gold is not as unusual: there are other cases of gilded cars, customized according to the tastes of the owners, but also the same car choose a variant valuable models for celebration.


The Sofitel SO Mauritius


There is a new address for those who want to plan their next vacation, or who has not started yet. Sofitel launches its new hotel in Mauritius, the Sofitel SO Mauritius. The structure is characterized by the extreme personalization of services offered, and total union with the natural environment.

Built on 34 acres of forest and vegetation, the hotel includes a white-sand beach of 520 square meters and a total of 92 accommodation options: it measures smaller than the more traditionally defined luxury, but that it is in their intimacy are the key to success. The project is signed by the famous Thai architect Lek Bunnag , while the designer Kenzo Takada has occupied the interior.

Mauritius is a popular destination for those looking for a mix of natural beauty and prestigious structures. It is a place to recharge the batteries and unplug from everything and everyone.

For those who want even recreation on the green, it is short distance is the Heritage Golf Club. And for all, there is an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the structure and services.

Only 92 accommodations include 84 suites, two villas on the beach, two villas near the main building and other Beaulieu four luxury villas which are hidden in the vegetation.




Watches for the Season by Perrelet Turbine XS Taste


These jewelry and watches for the season come in colors. With the warmer weather, the heat, the look that you are more mischievous and cheerful, the accessories become “lighter” but still prestigious.

When it comes to watches, the new collection by Perrelet Turbine XS Taste seems made for the summer weather and the kaleidoscope of colors that inevitably leads. The models are characterized by the choice of colors that brighten up the crates, from blue to purple blueberry blackberry, passing the lemon yellow and turquoise sea.

Each watch is completed with lunettes covered with precious stones, each tuned to the color, while the dials are cut from beams covered with diamonds. A combination of white and shades in theme with the summer.



The Chopard Happy Fish


A dip in the water every time you look at the time. It seems that the idea behind the Happy Fish, the new model of the collection Chopard Happy Sport. The clock becomes a valuable aquarium which is dominated by shades of blue and encloses three small clown fish in three different colors.

small animals give nuance to three precious stones with sapphires, tsavorite, ruby and onyx , while the case is available in steel or 18-carat pink gold. It is a small underwater world to take place, signed by Chopard.

5 eco-friendly hair removal tips

Going green is the latest ‘cool’ thing. From the young to the old, using sustainable products and cutting done on emissions is a trend that is catching up pretty fast and is affecting consumer choices in every facet of life. So, why should hair removal be any different? While you might not realize this, conventional hair removal or shaving methods create a ton of waste.

Here are 5 simple alternatives that will help you stay hair-free and the planet garbage-free.

1) Electric embrace

Going electric is now the big eco-solution, which the automobile industry has embraced with glee and you, can do the same for hair removal s well. Using an electric shaver can cut down on water wastage, all those razors and a lot more. You can maybe even charge it up using some solar power, if you wish to go completely eco-friendly!

2) Wax to smoothness

How about a bit of hot wax replacing the razor for smooth and hair-free skin? Waxing is pretty easy to get used to, something that you can get done at home and with modern ‘wax strips’ you need not even worry about hot wax and the fussy mess it can make. And the final result that you get with waxing is always a lot better than the use of a razor.

3) Green shaving products

There are many shaving products and even razors, which use sustainable and recyclable materials and if you for some reason still wish to stick to a razor, then picking one of these helps immensely. You can look on both product labels or ask at your supermarket for something ‘green’.

4) IPL Laser hair removal

Generally, Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light are the ones to make it on to a green list, but in the case of hair removal they definitely get the top spot. Permanent hair removal means saving up on a ton of waste and of course saves you both time and plenty of fuss in the long term. Laser and IPL Hair Removal treatments are a one-shot deal and far more energy-saving than razors, waxing or even electric alternatives.

Diamonds and Sapphires in the New Dior Christal Full Diamond Watch


Dior has extended its line of Christal Full Diamond watches with seven new models designed for the most demanding women. Each watch is indeed studded with diamonds and sapphires that give a touch of elegance to any outfit. The line of 28 and 33 mm of the house is thus enriched with precious stones that shine with every movement of the wrist.

On a stainless steel case, diamonds adorn the bezel combined with sapphires, while the crown is equipped with sapphire crystal. In addition, a mother of pearl shines on the dial. On the strap shines three strips of diamonds or sapphires to illuminate the watch.

If you are looking for the perfect gift or if you still do not know what you give, maybe these watches could be for you.

The new Dior collection is designed for women who love jewelry in all their forms. Many brands have in fact associated with the passion for precious stones and precision of watchmaking classy.



“Imaginary Nature” by De Beers


Jewels that tell the shapes of nature, which arise from the myths and dreams to create new forms are absolutely perfect. The new collection of jewelry from De Beers, “Imaginary Nature”, tells a fantasy world, where natural forms meet with the myth and beauty. Otto jewelry and unique pieces, where the splendor of diamonds bends in the sinuous lines, tell the metamorphosis in the natural world.

From Ovid to the present day, the new collection of De Beers is based precisely on the move, and one that brings every element of nature to change itself into a spiral of beauty.

The brand has taken inspiration from the diamond, which is a real muse in this case for the creation of eight pieces that tell the craftsmanship of jewelers in shaping forms and light.

The De Beers jewelry diamonds are among the absolute must for those who love precious things.



Chaumet’s “Bee My Love” Collection


Chaumet who wanted to dedicate their latest creation in a historic emblem as highly relevant, presented their new collection of rings. “Bee My Love”, as the same name of the line, plays on the plot of the honeycomb, which is the emblem of the house since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte who was undoubtedly his most famous client.

The collection consists of 9 rings that represent the honeycomb texture with small hexagons, that can be worn alone or with a combination of interlocking differently each time. The rings can be chosen in pink, yellow and white , with or without diamonds or paved with diamonds.

The geometric design was in fact used during the imperial era under Napoleon. Chaumet also had occupied the crown of crowns, and the finery worn by the Empresses Josephine and Marie Louise.