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Timeless Accessories that Every Woman Must Have

musthaveaccessoriesWith the overwhelming choices of both genuine and fancy accessories, it’s getting harder to settle with just one piece of each accessory type. But, who says you have to settle with one right? Collecting accessory items is undeniably on top of the list of fashion-forward women. However, in the midst of these collections, there are some accessory items that should ideally be part of the collection. At times, with the array of options and other trends coming up, we tend to lose track of the basic yet classy accessories.

A pop-of-color bag- Bags and clutches are huge parts of the entire outfit, and you can easily add an appeal to a very simple outfit by carrying an attractive bag with you. Some settle for glittery pouches, but for a timeless and more versatile option, go for neon colors as they will look perfect for day and night activities.

Pearls – Pearls are elegant and youthful at the same time. Pearls are more effective in accentuating the face than the outfit, which makes it a go-to accessory on down days when you’re just too lazy for full make-up. Simply add pearls to your looks for that instant classy appeal. You can’t go wrong with pearls.

Long-chain necklaces – These necklaces now come with fun pendants. Go for subtle ones for everyday, casual look. These necklaces can easily spice up a simple accessorizeyouroutfitoutfit. They look good both on plain and printed tops, as well.

Dress watches – Out of all types of watches, this one is considered to be the most versatile, considering that they can also be used to accentuate casual outfits. At the same time, dress watches also prove to be a necessary item for an office outfit, gala, and other formal wear.

Bright scarves – Scarves are not just for the colder season. They can also effectively add more impact to certain outfits when worn properly. Make sure to invest in bright-colored scarves as they can immediately complement an outfit, compared to plain ones.

Stylish belt – Look for thinner belts that can be both used on jeans and dresses. An outfit will easily look smarter when worn with belts, so you certainly cannot lose this in your collection, as well.

This is a rather short list compared to the number of collections that most of you may already have. However, these are items that remain to be the most worn of all the accessories in the collection. They are the timeless and multi-functional ones that will always look good, whatever the fashion trend may be.

Resorts and Spas in Dubrovnik, Croatia


One of the most beautiful, yet overlooked, places in the world is Dubrovnik, Croatia. There are sunsets to die for and the boat cruises are like being a kid at Disney

again. Its incredibly romantic and to get seafood.. it is one of the best places I’ve ever been to.


Adriatic Luxury Hotels- Grand Villa Argentina

This hotel combines an exclusive feeling with impeccable attention to detail. The view of the water is breathtaking and the mountains in the backdrop make it seems surreal. The five-star hotel has a real old-world feel, it was built in the 20th century as a gilded private residence. The service was excellent and the rooms were just perfect. The night time is filled with beautiful lights, the sound of waves crashing and a breeze that makes you like you’re on another planet.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa at Dubrovnik Sun Gardens


Radisson is a completely different vibe than the Grand Villa. Situated on the outskirts of Dubrovnik, this hotel is a modern day gem. Just a 15-minute drive from the city center, the hotel is perfect for those travelers wanting to get away from the city. Once you get your head around the complex, as it is a very big hotel, it becomes super easy to navigate and provides all the amenities you need. If you’re wanting to self-cater, this hotel can prove to be a little difficult as there isn’t a lot of access to supermarkets, stores, etc.

Hotel Kazbek


A Swedish owned investment company named Pervanovo just opened a new castle hotel. All reviews tell of a hotel that’s central focus is excellent customer service and impeccable taste. The Swedish owned company invested a lot of money into the look and feel of this hotel and it is extremely apparent. The hotel has a homely feel, which is nice for those people looking for a more comfortable (and less pretentious stay).

All these resorts face the water, all are beautiful and have excellent staff on hand that will cater to your needs. The difference is really in the type of experience you’re looking for.

The Evolution Of High Risk Trading and Investing

As with most things in life, times change, things evolve. 40 years ago people who had a high tolerance for risk invested in things like commercial real estate and private equity investments. There was also penny stock investing in mining stocks. Most lost, some won big! These were considered the highest risk investments available.

high risk tradingTimes change. Some very smart people at places like Goldman Sachs started coming up with ways to leverage higher returns on your investments. Mortgage backed securities, derivatives and all sorts of other investment vehicles were created. Many of these investment banks originated instruments and acted as bank and the other side of the investment. Just before the financial meltdown in 2008 it became well known that investment banks were making markets and then betting against the people the convinced to invest in their instruments.

Of course, people for an appetite for high return found it everywhere. There is the old saying, “a fool and his money are quickly parted”. People invested in Bernie Madoff’s fund and just assumed that a 12% annual return was normal. Really?

There were HYIP’s (high yield investment funds). These are basically ponzi schemes that run for a while. Then, when the promoter runs out of funds to pay the needed daily payouts they simply close shop and open somewhere else. If you are first in, you make money. If you come in near the end, you lose.

One of the biggest money markets in the world is the foreign exchange currency market. It’s well known as Forex trading. Fortunes are made and lost in seconds as one currency moves a pip in relationship to another. Forex brokers popped up everywhere. Forex became an automated game with EA’s (expert advisor) being written as software to handle trading and management. Most of these worked for a short time and then…..

Like most other type of investing there are people who do very, very well in Forex. The Forex market allows investors to leverage up their deposits. This can mean huge profits and high return on your investment. It can also mean than many investments are quickly wiped out.

In the last few years we’ve seen the introduction of binary option trading. Think of this like options for Forex. You can trade currency pairs and have trades that last just minutes. No more worrying about your open positions overnight and the restless sleep that can cause. With Binary Option trading you simply pick a pair of currencies, decide which direction one will move against the other, and place your trade. You’ll find out quickly when the pair moves if you win, or you lose.

huge profits from binary option tradingAt the moment I can’t think of a higher risk or return then Binary option trading. You will need to use a Binary option broker to place these trades. There is a lot of argument about the legality and morality of this type of trading. Most of the brokers are located outside the USA (most in Cyprus). And, although they have rules and regulations in place this is still a fairly unregulated way of investing.

If you have want the possibility of very high returns on your investment capital you should probably find out more about Binary Option Trading. Here is a review of a highly recommended binary option broker. The best thing about iOptions is they actually give you your first trade as a mulligan. If you lose on your first trade they’ll give you your capital back.

Of course, that is a one time thing. And, you should never enter something like Binary Option trading with money you truly can’t afford to risk.


I’m sure someone will come along with a higher return, higher risk vehicle in the near future. But, for now, Binary option trading is for those that are willing to risk significant capital for a high ROI.

Déjà vu.

Déjà vu, a French word, use to describe the phenomenon of the perception that the situation someone is in, has already happened before, especially when that’s not the case. Or maybe they have a vague memory of what’s happening in the present though it has never happened before.  

Take for instance, you are visiting somewhere with your friends or discussing over some topic and suddenly it occurs to you that you already have experienced the exact situation in the pt with me people, plc end topic. Though in reality it had never happened.

The phenomenon is rather complicated, and there are many different theories explaining why déjà vu happens. Swiss scholar Arthur Funkhouser opinioned that there are several “déjà experiences” and asserts that in order to better study the phenomenon, the nuances between the experiences need to be noted. In the examples mentioned above, Funkhouser would describe the first incidence as déjà visite (“already visited”) and the second as déjà vecu (“already experienced or lived through”).

Survey shows that more than seventy percent people experience this once or twice in their live.

Neuroscience describes this as a condition of temporal lobe epilepsy, or a pre condition of it.

Psychology says that it is the condition in which mixture of long term and short term memory takes place and brain initially fails to construct the image of ongoing process.

People who have experienced it elaborate it as an utter confusion in which they cannot recall  the characters of the past event to with which they are mixing the recent program, like when, where and how it happened in the past and yet an unclear picture fades the recent memory as well. Surely it needs more invesdejavutigation.

Decorate a nursery for your child

Expecting a baby is a blessing indeed! So of course, you want everything to be just perfect for your baby and a baby’s nursery, reflect ones love and happiness for the baby. There are many components for the baby’s room and all of them shoul be carefully monitered. From the color of walls to the decorations and furniture needs to be selected and put together, hopefully before the birth of baby occurs!

Applying wall paper or painting the walls should be the first step in decorating your baby’s room but removing old wall paper can be messy! Its a good idea to draw the design of a nursery on a paper and work accordingly in organizing and arranging stuff. Try putting baby blankets and pillows on one shelf and stuffed animals, toys or books on the next one. Whether you choose to paint the room or apply wallpaper, one thing should be kept in mind; pink color should be opted for girl and blue for boy. One should even try combining colors or using various shades of the same color on adjacent walls.

Now there is a huge variety of furniture to put in your baby’s nursery which is both, suitable and comfortable for your baby. You will need to select furniture items that complement each other in an excellent manner!

Always keep one thing in mind, Whatever decorations, designs, other essentials, furniture and wall colors you choose, realize that your baby will surely be very happy because of the love and care that you put into making the nursery.


When You Retire


It is all up to you that how you consider your retirement. Some people hate it, for they think they have gone all useless and would have nothing to do all day. While many still think that retirement means, you are now allowed to enjoy your life freely, after you have driven away your days and your nights for earning a good living, not only for you, but your whole family.
About me, I would like to go with the second perspective.
Retirement doesn’t really mark an end to everything. If you worry about expenses, well then you can start up your own business, and also, can invite over a retired friend to work along with you.
What most people do is, out of their savings, they subject some amount so that when they retire, they can fulfill those wonderful visions of vacations and rest they always had dreamed of during their work days.
However, sometimes retirement isn’t by choice. Those who have to give up working due to poor health conditions would never think of enjoying their days.
Hence, it is always advisable to keep a retirement plan in mind, as soon as you settle to a good job.
Retirement doesn’t mean that you sit back all day long, doing almost nothing. Of course, that would bore anyone so badly that they would start remembering their hay days. Instead, keep on working on some small basis, such as do freelancing, teach grand kids at home, help your own children at their work, etc.

What Suits Your Kitchen?

Last week, we discussed over the ideas to decorate your living room. In this week’s blog post, we shall provide few concepts regarding how to design and adorn your kitchen.

Those who have to stay for long hours in the kitchen, possess complete rights to decorate it in the way they desire. Of course, any one would require the following basic things in their kitchen, which are more of a necessity than designing:

- Enough space to stand and walk

- Adequate ventilation. Nobody would prefer standing in heat for hours

- Huge number of cabinets to store items

- And most importantly, the kitchen should be in an open space, it not, then at least it must be communicating well with the rest of the house.

These four things are required before you go for decorating your kitchen.

Now lets move on to the designing ideas.

Ideas for covering up the center:

You are quite lucky if you got a kitchen really big. However, if you are pondering over how to fill up the center space, well, then what could be better than a center counter or a six-seated dinning table?


Compact Kitchen:

This is one way you can decorate your kitchen if it is long  like a train compartment. The way it is adorned manages its size skillfully.


Sleek Cabinets:

The issue of storing cutlery and other items in the kitchen always remains an issue. However, some part of the problem can be resolved by adding sleek and slim cabinets in your kitchen.

Living Room Ideas

Your living room is a whole picturesque of your home. You let your guest enter your world through your living room, and you want it to be perfect and stylish.
A living room must be decorated and designed accurately, and among all the rooms in your house, you particularly give importance to the look of your living room.
Hence, following are given few ideas regarding how you can brighten up this introductory aspect of your home. Hope you will find them helpful.

Flourishingly White


White is a color that never fades off from the chapter of fashion and designs. Though always combined with black as a monochrome combo, but this simple color can be transformed into uncountable styles, one can’t even think of.
White has a unique capability of intensifying the area of any room. It makes the space look bigger and wider.
White also makes your set look fresh.

White with any other color:

White and black is a perfect combo. But if you think it is too common then try combining white with red. But remember one thing when unifying it with any other chrome that, white must be of greater quantity.

Red and Black


Black (majorly) with red is yet another unique combination for your living room. Although dark colors transform any space to appear smaller, yet it looks stylish. You may also make it a trio by adding white to it.

The glam blue


A light and dull blue sofa set with light and dull blue curtains and a wall paper of the same color will provide your house a glamorous living room.

Buck up the scenario with flowers

If your living room comprises of dull colors, then add some sets of flowers of vibrant colors in your room.

More About Cat Care


images (3)

Owning a cuddly creature who stays with you all the day, enlightening your hours when you are back home after spending a tiresome day at office, keeping up your company during weekends, and staying with you all the time without betraying- well here we are talking about cats. Don’t you think these qualities define the lovable creatures rightly?

Keeping a cat brings joys. But more than that, it hands over a great deal of responsibilities to its owner. It is like caring your own child for its necessities.

Before keeping a cat, make up your mind that you will have to attend to the requirements of its care daily without any flaw.

We have discussed about the food and health requirements of your moggy in the previous blog post, let s discuss some more things which must be considered as well.


A cat doesn’t drink lots of water, but for the sake of goodness of its health, keep clean and fresh water in a container, that is available for your pet all the time.

Playing activities:

Pet cats love to play. It is really pleasant and cute watching these snuggly creatures play around. Make sure that appropriate stuff is present around for your pet to play. A soft woolen ball or a cardboard with holes cut out in it would make great toys for your cat.


Cats generally sleep for around 16 hours a day. So make sure that your pet has some warm and comfortable place to tuck in and sleep. If you do not wish to afford special cat beds, then you may take a shallow and broad cardboard and cover its sides with a soft and warm blanket.


The Cat Care: Two Important Things You Must Never Fail to Keep Up

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Indeed, cats have been the favorite pets of all time. They can be your friend, your love and can even be your ultimate partners. Many among us love to keep cats for we know they won’t leave us alone ever.

We find that the tradition of having domestic cats as pets is quite old. Instead, we can date back to the ancient civilization times, when masters used to shave off their eyebrows to show sympathy towards their dead pet cats.

Cats are lovely and cuddle-some, aren’t they? However, keeping a pet cat is almost equal to caring a toddler. They need intense attention and development of proper feeding habits, along with cleanliness and grooming.

Following are given two foremost and important things that an owner should care about, and those who wish to keep one, must consider these earlier.

The Food: your pet cat requires food that is rich in Vitamin A, C and optimum amounts of certain minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Do get those tinned cat foods which come under reliable brand names and make sure that your cat receives a well balanced diet. It must have red meat daily, for its body requires an amino acid named ‘taurine’ for muscular development which is found in the food. If you have a kitten of 6 to 12 weeks, you must feed it 4 times daily. If it is between three to six months, you must then feed it three times a day.

The food for your kitten must contain appropriate amounts of nutrients, such as a good combination of antioxidants so as to boost the immune system, natural DHA, all the essential minerals and vitamins; fatty acids and digestible carbs.

You must be careful when offering your moggy with dairy products. Kittens might be able to digest them but many a times, it becomes intolerable for the digestive system of adult cats.

You must start senior diet for your cat when it reaches seven years of age.


It’s Health: you must watch for different signs of health changes in your cat. When it appears to be moving around less, interrupting your stuff less often, and not quite willing to eat, you must be quite sure then that its health is deteriorating. This indicates the time when your munchkin needs the attention of a health care professional.

Keep up with the regular checkups and do take note of every point that the veterinarian mentions.