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The Best Spas in the World: Como Shambhala Estate in Bali, Indonesia


A spa vacation is a wonderful idea if you’re after a getaway that can give you the rest and relaxation you deserve. Bali is home to some of the most scenic spas in the world. More than being picturesque however, they also offer the best spa services on the planet.

Como Shambhala Estate has consistently made it to the list of top spas and wellness centers in the world. In Sanskrit, Shambhala means “sacred place of bliss” and anyone who has ever visited the Estate can say that it is nothing but. It a favorite destination among Hollywood celebrities and multi-millionaires who just want to rejuvenate and commune with themselves.

One of the things that keep guests coming back to Como Shambhala is the food. Neil Perry protégé, Chris Miller, is the man in charge of making sure that the guests are well-fed with dishes made from organic ingredients and infused with a plethora of flavors that can blow the mind of even the pickiest eater. Most of the produce are homegrown and meats usually come from free-range livestock. There are two restaurants on the spa grounds to give guests a wider variety of food choices.

Aside from spa treatments, the Estate also offers wellness activities such as yoga. You will also find swimming pools and pavilions where you can sit back, relax, and reflect . Indonesians are known for their overwhelming hospitality so you can be sure that you will be fully-taken cared of during your entire stay.



photel 2

The Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu is one of the grand hotels in Malaysia that enjoys the prestige and the facility of being envied by the other frolicking hotels in different parts of Malaysia. Having being declared as the best hotel in the entire vicinity of Kota Kinabalu, the Palace Hotel lives up to its name in terms of the provision of a sensual sauna and well equipped gym topped by the coolest massagers haunting the spa.
Its gym has not gotten quite many rave reviews but if one tries to consider all the mixed views, he would come to the point that this hotel is not as bad as is considered by the prime people visiting there. Many people enjoy the recreational facilities that it has to offer among which the gym and the fitness centre have gotten rave reviews. Like any hotel, the gym here at The Palace is fully furnished with a pool in which one could satisfy himself to his heart’s desires by enjoying as many laps as he can.
palace hotel 1

The swimming pool has quite an aerial view with the trees and the deck chairs at the poolside. Apart from the pool, there is a beautiful spa topped off with a steam room where on can relax after a tiring day of meetings or even if he is on a tour. The spa has a timely schedule in which professionals and certified spa workers have taken the responsibility to provoke the tourists to come again and stay at the hotel in order to unwind.

There’s Nothing Like A Perfect ‘Bikini Body Shape’

It is a very common fact that to be in bikini, the body has to be ‘in shape’ always. To get that shape, one needs to starve by dieting only on Goji berries and Chia seeds and also hit the gym regularly. There are some local gyms which can offer you with the customized exercise option specifically to suit your body needs and help in planning the diet to get the right shape. These are known as ‘bikini boot camps’.


Though the fashion industry has not created any hype about this but the market of celeb magazines and the gym industry are popularizing it for their own profit. They have targeted the people with weird body shape and so advising them to use it to bring your body into shape. The magazines often stuff their pages full with various dieting methods to keep the body bikini-shaped. This brings complexities in the minds of the women who read them.

However we have never ever come across with anything like ‘perfect lingerie body shape’. It is thoughtful that if a woman can have perfect shape by wearing lingerie then why not bikini? Women prefer to give stress on the opinions of others rather than their near and dear ones. So just pick any of your bikinis from your wardrobe and hit the pool side with confidence.

This is because there is no as such body shape just to wear a bikini. Always remember that you should love your own body. It’s only you who can decide what to wear or not, whether to hit the gym or start any diet.

Be a Style Diva Even After Your Menopause

Very often we avoid talking about Menopause which is a very important phase in every woman’s life. If talked about it has a lot of negative impact on our self-confidence, our self-esteem etc. Many women think that they lose all their charm, glamor and the perfect shape after going through menopause.


This is not true at all because even after going through this phase, you can be yourself. It is likely that you would undergo a lot of hormonal changes and experience a lot of mood swings. Do not make yourself to wave away from your normal life and abandon your previous style and colors of your dresses totally. Instead this is the time when you must re-discover yourself and your sense of styling.

It is not necessary that you must try to balance by dressing yourself in a particular way for what you lack now.  You may feel that the powerful women in you, your feminism all has been gone now. So, you may end up wearing dresses of pastel shades with frills, ribbons etc. But you may still experiment with softer shades which may make you a lot happier.

Very less among us wants change, but nature always makes changes for us when we do not want them. But still in this case the change is certainly not a full stop to your fashion and to wear dull colored shades. Avoid the advertisers who try to tell us what we should wear. Be yourself like you were before with a small twist.

Importance of Selecting the Right Perfume

Scent plays an integral part in our lives. That is why choosing the exact perfume for us is very important. Good perfumes get set into our minds and we may recollect the scent and its name even after many years. It is really a very personal thing and we hardly pay attention to its importance.


When you choose the right perfume for yourself, often you get recognized by it from later on. Everyone wishes to smell nice but every scent is not actually made for everyone. Here comes the need for choosing perfumes which suits you the best. In the market there is wide range of perfumes for every age-group and genders. A woman in her thirties surely will not like to wear perfumes that are made for teenagers or males.

Therefore, how to understand what is right for you? The next time you go to buy a perfume for yourself, just spray a small amount of perfume on your wrist and move around a while for nearly an hour and by the time you will understand if this scent is for you or not. Some of us might experiment with the perfumes according to the season for example; you may choose refreshing smells for summers and strong ones for the winter season.

Designer fragrances are sold a lot which is a very popular business that attracts much profit. But it does not mean that any of the designer fragrance will suit the buyer just because it is expensive and smells good. Now it is up to you that what suits best on you Chanel Allure or Worth’s Je Reviens.

Britain’s Cold Weather Has Struck a Severe Blow to Her Wheat Production

Britain would be importing wheat for the first time in decades. The reason is bad weather condition which has reduced the crop growth and the harvest. NFU president Peter Kendall has reported that more than two million tons of wheat has been damaged due to poor weather condition in summer. He also said that the autumn harvest would also be affected due to long and unpredictable cold weather condition.

Wheat Production

The shortage of wheat will most likely directly affect the price of bread in the country. Britain has an average production of about 7.8 tons of wheat during last summer. The number has fallen to 6.7 tons this year. Peter Kendall was also reported saying that the farmers only managed to get three-fourth of the planned harvest of wheat this year. Overall the annual production of wheat in Britain has reduced by 25% this year.

UK requires about 14.5 to 15 tons of wheat per year for her domestic usage.  Due to prolonged bad weather the wheat produced this year will be around 11 tons which will not be enough to fulfill even their domestic needs.

NFU combinable crops board chairman and wheat farmer Andrew Watts said that after the poor harvest the farmers has been looking forward to a good harvest this year but this has not happened. The reduced production of crops has struck a severe blow to Britain’s farming industry which is already suffering from the loss of livestock due to this cold weather.

The farmers are now focusing to make the land more favorable for wheat production in the coming year 2014.

Ice Cream is the Best Option to Relieve Damn Heat

In this heat what can be more refreshing and soothing than ice cream. Ice creams are loved by almost everyone. Ice cream industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world as it is getting more and more popular with teens all around the world.

People have different choice of ice creams. A recent study indicates that 51% of the people prefer ice cream sticks, 35% a cone lover, 31% love lollypops and 25% people love desserts from mini vans.


Specialist ice cream parlors who sell frozen yogurt, the most preferable type of ice cream for most people were first established in the US. Gradually it gained popularity and has sprang up in various towns and cities of UK.

People in the UK are spending more on ice cream recently than in the past. An average person in the UK spends around 17 pounds a year on six liters each. There are some other nations whose expenditure on ice cream is on the rise like Norway, Australia, Sweden and USA.

Vince Mitchell, professor of consumer marketing at Cass business school says that consumers nowadays are ready to pay more for less quantity of ice creams. Large 1 liter boxes of ice cream are becoming obsolete day by day and consumers prefer smaller amounts served in restaurants or ice cream parlors.

He says that people look for something different from the common flavors available. If a store has an exclusive menu available only to their customers people are ready to pay a higher price for it.

Ice creams are available from big marketing giants to small scale road stalls and independent traders. Whatever it may be the ice cream industry is expanding at a successful rate.

Scotland’s Family-Run House Builder Witnesses Sales Rise

Springfield Properties, which is one among the largest family run house builder in Scotland, has said that the housing market is receiving much positivity after he posted the strong results of the first quarter. When compared to the sales of the same period of the last year, Moray based Springfield Properties witnessed a sales hike by 20 per cent.


Between January and March, more than 100 private reservations were achieved by the firm across its 22 developments spread in Scotland. Springfield has also revealed that in 2012, its strongest selling site at Braehead in Glasgow has continued to sell well even on the first three months of this year.

The house builder who is Elgin based added by saying that the interest in the company’s developments was triggered by the launch of the MI New Homes, which is an initiative of the industry body Homes for Scotland. This gives the prospective first-time house buyers a mortgage of 95 per cent.

The managing director of Springfield, Mr. Innes Smith said in one of his comments that they are the one among the other house builders who have joined the MI New Homes initiative by the industry body Homes for Scotland because of the fact that this initiative taken by the company had the ability to help their customers for buying new homes.

He also added that it has no doubt helped them and have made a contribution to the success of Springfield in the first quarter of the year. To know more on this news, check online.


Contribution of Fashion in Society

The United State happens to be one of the leading states when it comes following the fashion trends of one’s favourite celebrities and stars. The teenagers and people in USA follow the fashion trends of their stars on a regular basis. The red carpet event has been the talk of the town lately, more that the event people were curious to know as to what their favourite stars wore on that particular day. The eminent stars who were present on that day included Olivia Munn, Kate Mara, Sofia Vergara, who looked the most stunning was present there along with Robin Wright Penn and Chrissy Teigen.

red carpet

Apart from the Red carpet event and the stars, the outfits worn by Jennifer Lopez recently have been rated as the sexiest dresses worn by her. Beyonce and Jessica Alba’s trendy black and white styles have been drawing many eyeballs. The event White House Correspondents’ Dinner was another popular talk of the town, which was visited by many celebrities and stars and the outfits of these stars witnessed the latest trends of fashion industry. News which shook the glamour industry was that Jennifer Aniston coached Will Forte through his breakup.

 One can get to know more of the news from different websites, or through fashion magazines. Apart from this, the news channels have also broadcasting the news about glamour industry, so, that people, especially the fashion lovers are kept well updated and informed in this aspect. The rising interest of the people towards fashion products can be experienced everywhere every day

Super Fashion Designers from UK

Fashion forms integral part of any individual’s lifestyle, and when it comes to people of UK, for them fashion is like their daily food without which they cannot survive. The teenagers not only in UK but also other countries are so passionate about following the latest trends in the fashion industry, that they never miss any news from the glamour field. This is especially true, when it comes to what their favourite stars, wear, and what cosmetics they use, to grab everybody’s attention and which celebrity advertising which product is all what they want to know.


The rumour as to whether Sienna Miller and Tom Sturbridge has been the recent talk of the town in UK. Though Burberry has not confirmed this news, The Mail On Sunday reports that the par will replace Romeo Beckham in the brand’s A/W 2013 campaign – and will be joined by Brit model (and Bradley Cooper’s latest squeeze) Suki Waterhouse. The Met Ball Carpet dresses, has been another source attention grabber among the fashion lovers. The dresses which were worn by the celebrities have been put to sale for common people, so, that they can have the dresses of their favourite celebrities in their wardrobe.

Eva Herzigova, one of the leading super models of UK has confirmed that, she has given birth to a baby boy. One of the leading brands of UK Primark has decided to pay compensation to the Bangladesh factory victims. One can get to know more about the fashion news by browsing different websites, or through fashion and other relevant magazines.