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“Imaginary Nature” by De Beers

  Jewels that tell the shapes of nature, which arise from the myths and dreams to create new forms are absolutely perfect. The new collection of jewelry from De Beers, “Imaginary Nature”, tells a fantasy world, where natural forms meet with the myth and beauty. Otto jewelry and unique pieces, where the splendor of diamonds […]

The Most Expensive Beauty Pageant Crown

  Beauty pageant crowns sit on top of the heads of the most beautiful women in the world. So it’s not really a surprise that the world’s most expensive beauty pageant crown includes diamonds and pearls, and has a truly princely price. Have you ever wondered how much a beauty pageant crown costs? Well, the most […]

The Record Breaking Ultra Luxury Gem

  This gorgeous blue diamond came in at a price of $1.32 million per carat, when the gavel fell at Sothebys. The blue diamond has 6.04 carats in total and is named as Fancy Vivid Blue. It has flawless clarity and was set in a platinum ring with two white emerald cut diamonds on either […]