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The Most Expensive Ferrari

  Ferrari is one of the top names that comes to mind when we think about sports cars. Yes, it is given that this automobile is expensive. But, do you know what the most expensive Ferrari is? The most expensive Ferrari ever sold was at $9,252,375, with the ten percent commission included in that price. […]

The Lamborghini Ankonian

  Have you thought of buying a Batmobile for yourself? Batmobiles seem like they have so much upkeep, especially the cultural baggage that is associated with them. But have you heard of the Lamborghini Ankonian? The Lamborghini Ankonian is as close to a personal Batmobile. The car was designed by a Macedonian student, Slavche Tanevski. The […]

The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd.

For car-crazy people, owning this luxury car model would mean all the world to them. The world’s most expensive model car—the Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd. The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd is for sale at a price of $2 million pounds! This ultra expensive “toy” was created by Liverpool-based designer, Stuart Hughes, who took two months to […]