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The Grand Opulence Sundae

  Regardless of age, everybody loves ice cream. The Grand Opulence Sundae from Serendipity of New York City has the title of the world’s most expensive ice cream with a value of $1,000 per serving. The Grand Opulence Sundae is actually garnished with 23k edible gold. You may believe that this treat is one that can […]

The Illinois Cornflake

  If you thought that the boxes of cereal that line the grocery store’s shelves are expensive, you might be surprised to find out how much you could actually pay for cereal. And you might be even more surprised to find out that when you buy this cereal, you don’t even get a whole box. […]

The $3,700 Pizza

  Okay, we recently discussed about the $1,000 bagel. Now, it has a friend: pizza. Pizza is a very popular food all over the globe. This is surely one of man’s favorite foods. But, eating a pizza worth more than $3,700? This pizza named as the Pizza Royale was created by Chef Domenico Crolla and […]

The $1000 Bagel

  This limited edition bagel that was only purchased until December 14 of last year, was created as a charity fund raiser. The proceeds of went to the Les Amis d’Escoffier Scholarship for culinary arts students. This certainly gave a new meaning to rich food. The Westin New York chef concocted this bagel with a […]

The Luwak Coffe

In the digestive system of the animal, Luwak, coffee is processed. The Luwak lives deep in the jungles of Sumatra. Once the Luwak poo out the coffee, it is hand processed to its final state. The processed coffee is priced at $1,000 per kilogram. Surprisingly, many people have found this coffee very good, thus, drinking it […]

The FleurBurger 5000

With all the fun and expensive things you can see in Vegas, this is where you can find the FleurBurger 5000. The FleurBurger 5000 costs a large price of $5,000.00. The FleurBurger 5000 is created by Chef Hubert Keller. This pricey burger is served at Fleur de Lys in Mandalay Bay.  This burger contains foie gras, as […]