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The Gold and Diamond Eyelashes

  The eyes are one of the most important facial features. The right eye makeup along with a gorgeous set of eyelashes is enough to attract almost everyone. Thus, the trend of false eyelashes is flourishing among the fashionistas. Recently, Kre At created an 18 karat gold and diamond eyelashes. The false eyelashes are available […]

Gold Rush Nail Paint

  How much are women willing to pay to look ultra glamorous? Besides, face powder, blush, mascara, lipstick and gloss, a fine nail polish will finish the look. Therefore, for the extra rich, the Gold rush nail polish is presented, to complete a dazzling look. The Gold Rush nail paint is actually made of gold. […]

The $589 Mascara from the Socialite Collection

Are you willing to spend a lot on makeup? What about spending $589 for a mascara alone? Well, there are women who would be more than willing to pay big bucks for a Swarovski-coated tube of mascara. Within the first week of its launch, The Socialite Collection had already sold 1,700 tubes of the ultra […]