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Christian Louboutin Reveals Cinderella Shoes

  The dream of Cinderella in a modern version signed by Christian Louboutin. The famous designer has unveiled his creation dedicated heroine of Disney during the Paris Fashion Week and obviously did not disappoint anyone. The genius of luxury shoes has customized the iconic glass slipper making it suitable for “princesses” of today. The shoe […]

The $60,000 Air Jordan Silver Shoes

  During the glorious days of the Chicago Bulls, almost all of us were rooting for the guy in the number 23 jersey. I’m pretty sure that Michael Jordan fans are eager to collect his signature pieces. One of the most expensive shoes for men is the Air Jordan Silver Shoes. For diehard fans of […]

The Diamond Studded Sneakers by Nike

  For men who like their things to be extra ordinary, these diamond studded sneakers by Nike are just what they need. A real fashion accessory for the male species, these shoes have a price tag of $50,000. What makes the Air Force 1 by Nike ultra expensive, is that it is studded with 11 […]

The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

It seems that the list of the most expensive footwear in the globe has been expanding. These shoes by Harry Winston, called the Harry Winston Ruby Slippers is priced at $3,000,000! The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers was created for the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”. This was created by Harry Winston’s son, Ronald Winston. These […]

The Most Expensive Shoes by Christopher Michael Shellis

The Well-Heeled shoes, worth £140,000 is said to be the most expensive shoes in the world. This expensive shoes is made from solid gold and a total of 2,200 diamonds. This shoes come from The House of Borgezie. The shoes’ diamonds total to 30 carats. But it seems that buyers are reluctant to purchase a pair, […]