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The L’Oiseleur

    L’Oiseleur is a 4-foot tall automaton doll. It comes with sword, flute, a pair of singing birds, and wonderful hand embroidered in the Renaissance era clothing. As exquisite as it is, this doll plays the flute to the tune of Marche des Rois. Also, it does not use any type of electricity or […]

The World’s Most Expensive Gameboy

  Surely, the Gameboy once dominated the world of games. It is also one of the most bought item to be given as presents to children. But, with this Gameboy made of 18 karat gold, would you still consider giving it as a gift? As mentioned, this Gameboy is made of 18 karat gold. As […]

The Most Expensive Lego

  The Lego company has been making their colorful blocks for kids to play with since 1949 and these toys still continue to be popular Christmas and birthday presents for young tots. But, the most expensive Lego set may have actually been created for parents instead of children, even if it comes designed in a […]

The $85,000 Barbie

If you are a fan of Barbie, then you might want to check this out. The world’s most expensive Barbie doll was designed by jewelry maker, De Beers. The Barbie doll is dressed in an evening gown embedded with over 160 diamonds. The doll also has complimentary gold jewelry and accessories. “This Barbie was produced […]